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Borderlands 2 Newest Trailer Come And Get Me

We have the newest trailer from Borderlands 2 which features narration by none other than Handsome Jack. Watch as Handsome Jack describes four playable character from Borderlands 2 and his vision for Pandora all the while showing some awesome new gameplay footage. Now for the newest trailer from Borderlands 2 titled “Come and Get Me”: […]

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SSX Demo Coming This Tuesday

With the release date of EA’s long dormant snowboarding series (modestly titled SSX) looming ever closer, the hope for a demo was shrinking by the day. Luckily for fans of the series, and those unsure what it’s all about, during the latest podcast dedicated to the game, Todd Batty (the game’s creative director) announced that a demo […]

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Tails Time-Travels Back To Sonic CD

Sonic CD is known for many things. Engaging gameplay advances, such as the Super Peel-Out, early uses of time travel affecting gameplay, and a rocking soundtrack that screams 1990s for both America and Japan. Developed by Sonic Team concurrently with Sega Technical Institute’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the two games took diversionary paths. Beyond Metal […]

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