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The House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Review (PS3)

Game Review: The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Release: October 25th, 2011 Genre: On-Rails Arcade Shooter Developer: Headstrong Games Available Platforms: PlayStation 3 Players: 1-4 MSRP: $39.99 ESRB Rating: Mature Website: House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut Gather around arcade shooter fans and PlayStation Move owners, SEGA and Headstrong Games have brought […]

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Comics You Should Be Reading: PunisherMax

Comics You Should Be Reading: PunisherMax Author: Jason Aaron Art: Steve Dillon Colors: Matt Hollingsworth PunisherMax is set in a different universe than the regular, superhero filled 616 Marvel Universe. The Max line of Marvel comics shows a lot more cursing, blood, and general “adult” content than the regular Marvel Universe. That lets Jason Aaron […]

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