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Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Now Available

Today is the day Jagged Alliance fans, the day Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is available purchase in North America for Windows PC. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is the stand-alone expansion to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire takes you to the mountainous country of Khanpaa, where you battle mercenaries who have enslaved the populace of […]

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2011 IGF Audience Award Open For Voting

The IGF—or Independent Games Festival—has opened voting once again to the general populace to find out what the non-judges of the gaming world think is the best independent game of the year. However, things will be slightly different, something you may be able to surmise if you’ve voted before. In years past, the Audience Award […]

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Married Gamers Review: MySims Racing (Wii)

by Quantrell Toval
MySims Racing for the Nintendo Wii is a kart racer based on EA’s MySims franchise. The original MySims made its debut on the Wii in 2007 with the premise of the player moving into a once thriving town that’s now in shambles and resurrecting it to its former glory. The main feature […]

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