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That Diabolical Pitch Of Suda 51’s To Break Your Kinect April 4th

For a console that’s never been the biggest hit in Japan, Microsoft has definitely been courting Japanese developers. With today’s earlier announcement of the new Steel Battalion‘s release date, the Kinect device has confirmed its way into the “hardcore” crowd. Sometimes, though, you just need that extra level of Japanese oddity to appeal. Suda 51 […]

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Power Rangers Online To Morph As An MMO

In 1993, Saban Entertainment premiered Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. In 2011, Saban Brands premiered Power Rangers Samurai. Over 700 episodes, Power Rangers has continuously adapted the Japanese running franchise Super Sentai. In some other countries, they just dub Super Sentai as Power Rangers. In Korea, Mahou Sentai Magiranger was retitled Power Rangers Magic Force in […]

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