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Titanfall Beta Impressions

I used to be good at Titanfall. Namely on two occasions: 1) at E3 when seemingly no one else knew you could summon Titans, and 2) last week before the twitched-trained hordes gained beta access. Since then, I’ve been getting trounced. Not terribly, but enough to make me remember why I tend to avoid fast-paced […]

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Early Edition: SmashMuck Champions

Like many games that are a part of Steam’s Early Access program, SmashMuck Champions is rough around the edges. It’s incomplete and has a lot of problems to iron out. But unlike many of them, it doesn’t just show promise; SmashMuck Champions fulfills that promise. Mostly. SmashMuck Champions is entering a steadily filling genre. It […]

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Early Edition: Betrayer

I loved the first 10 minutes of Betrayer. And then the game part of it revealed itself and I grew kind of indifferent. Luckily, as more folds of the game begin to become apparent, it becomes a more interesting affair, but it’s a tempered promise from under Steam’s Early Access program. Betrayer is the debut […]

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Checking Out Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto V updated somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 hours ago. It fixed a few lingering issues including the garage bug, but it mostly added the multiplayer component of the humongous and massively successful open world game called Grand Theft Auto Online. I hung around on basically zero sleep to catch […]

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Hands-on With Foul Play: Mustache ‘Em Up

If I had to describe my time with Foul Play from Mediatonic in a single phrase, it would be “delightfully British.” It makes sense; everyone in that booth at PAX Prime 2013 had a British accent since they’re from, you know, London, the land of phone numbers that look like code talker scraps. The game, […]

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