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Looking Forward To 2017 — Everything Else

So here’s the thing: 2017 looks fucking insane. A lot of what’s coming is sequels or reboots, but they have been a long time coming and following up to monumental pieces of gaming history. You can’t really look away when Rockstar Games put something, and Arkane Studios is getting that same sort of (well deserved) […]

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The Game Awards 2016 Highlights — Death Stranding, Live Doom, And More

Last night was the third annual Game Awards, Geoff Keighley’s brain child ever since his run with the Spike Video Game Awards/VGAs/VGX ended in 2013. It went smoothly as ever, combining the usual and baffling amount of actual award dispersal, world premiere trailers, tired trailers, and non video-based marketing. For some reason, this year’s Game […]

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Prey — Eyes-on At QuakeCon 2016

The crazy part of the twist built into Prey gameplay is that we’ve been seeing it all along. The enemies are called Mimics and, well, they mimic things. We saw the in the E3 trailer, and director Raphaël Colantonio even more or less laid it all out for us in a post-show interview back in […]

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