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Subsonic Pro Fluo PS3 Controller Review

The Subsonic Pro Fluo Controller works for both the PS3 and PC’s. Designed to emulate and enhance the standard PS3 controller design, the Pro Fluo smartly adds a bit of heft, making the controller feel more sturdy. It also features better-designed L2 and R2 buttons, which feel more trigger-like and responsive as compared to a […]

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Platform Nation’s Holiday Guide – Best Accessories And Hardware Of The Year

Welcome to the 2011 Platform Nation Holiday Buyers Guide! This section will show you our top picks for hardware and gaming accessories!  Controllers and Accessories KontrolFreeks  – PS3 and Xbox 360 Controller Add-on – $10-15 Every gamer wants to win, its just a fact; and whether or not you’re endowed with virtual ass-kicking skills, you […]

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Frag FX Shark (PS3 Product Review)

Ever felt like your PS3 controller was lacking the precision you found on your PC shooters? Just want an innovative way to climb to the top of the FPS leader boards? Look no further then the Frag FX Shark a new product meant to replace that (soon to be primitive) controller. It is no secret […]

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Candy Pink DualShock 3 Review

Say hello to the Candy Pink DualShock 3 wireless controller Sony’s newest controller to be added to the line up. Featuring comfortable grip meant for hours of gameplay also has support for motion and vibration. Players can find delight in knowing the with Bluetooth up to 7 friends can all game wireless no more nests […]

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