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Alien: Isolation Dated

Alien: Isolation has finally been given a worldwide launch date. The game will be releasing on October 7, 2014. If you aren’t familiar with Alien: Isolation, you surely must know what ‘Alien’ is. Alien has had some hit and miss games under the property over the last several years.  Aliens: Colonial Marines launched last year […]

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The Walking Dead Game – Season 2 Teased

  Telltales Games’ Walking Dead launched last year with amazing reviews. It brought many gamers to tears, to laughter and to gripping onto your chair hoping that these characters you’ve become attached to don’t get brutally eaten by a zombie. Telltale have always said that there was going to be more than one Season and […]

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PlayStation 4 And The Necessary Hardware Divide

It’s been over a week since the PlayStation 4 announcement/event/meeting/whatever Sony is calling it nowadays, and there’s been a lot of interesting fallout. Tech industry folk were disappointed that they didn’t get to see the actual console, game industry folk were excited at the proposition of new games, and developers loved the thought of an […]

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PlayStation Germany Says Star Wars 1313 Coming To PS3 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: according to Polygon, a LucasArts representative says the PlayStation Germany post was “not accurate” and that they “do not have any announcements to make at this time.” Which part isn’t accurate? They don’t say, so take that as you will. PlayStation Germany responded to Kotaku with a hearty “God no, we are not confirming […]

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