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The Puzzle Of Mystery

Mystery is, unsurprisingly, very mysterious. How it works is largely an unknown. What we want from it and what we like about it are both such largely ambiguous, impossible-to-define things that largely get relegated to something akin to “that feeling” (or dat feeling if you want to be contemporary about it). The unfortunate thing, though, […]

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Allods Adventure HD Review (iOS)

Game Review: Allods Adventure HD Release: December 6, 2012 Genre: Puzzle Developer: Mail.Ru Games Available Platforms: iOS Players: 1 MSRP: $0.99 Website: Allods Adventure HD is an ambitious game. And I don’t necessarily mean ambitious in that it tries to change how you will forever perceive mobile games until the end of time, but […]

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Worms: Revolution Getting Funfair DLC Tomorrow

Worms: Revolution will be receiving its first piece of downloadable content tomorrow on Xbox 360, PSN and Steam. The content, titled the “Funfair Pack” will add some new content to the game. The “Funfair Pack” will feature five new puzzle mission, a new funfair themed backdrop and some new customization options for your worms. Even […]

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Steam Holiday Sale – 12/30/11

Must….not……..everything…..oh god: Super Meat Boy – ($3.74) Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack – ($12.49) Deus Ex: Human Revolution – ($16.99) Spacechem – ($2.49) Cid Meier’s Civilization V – ($10.19) Command and Conquer Franchise sale – (75% off all titles) Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers – ($3.99) Driver: San Francisco – ($24.99) Universe […]

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Trine 2 Review (XBLA)

Game Review: Trine 2 Release: PC Dec 7th, PSN Dec 20, XBLA Dec 21 Genre: Platform/Puzzle Developer: Frozenbyte/Atlus Available Platforms: PC/PSN/XBLA Players: 1-3 MSRP:  $15 ESRB Rating: E10+ Website: Trine 2 is the sequel to the popular PC/PSN game Trine from a couple of years ago. For those who really enjoyed playing Trine, this […]

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