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A Simple Question: Entertainment Consoles

A gaming console used to be such a simple concept.  If you wanted to play games in your house, you bought a game console, and voila, games in your living room.  Sure, you probably watched shows and movies on the same television, but you had bunny ears, a VCR, a cable box, or your neighbor’s […]

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Battlefield 1943 Review

Game Review: Battlefield 1943 Release: July 8th, 09 Genre:  First Person Shooter Developer: DICE Available Platforms: PSN, XBLA Players: Multiplayer only, 2-24 ESRB Rating: T Price: $15, 1200MSP Website: Battlefield 1943 is the newest game in the Battlefield series and the 2nd game to use the FrostByte engine that allows full destruction of the […]

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