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Hands-On With Dark Souls II

I was way behind. The day started with a 12:00 PM appointment, the same time as when the doors open on the first day of E3. The unwashed masses descend upon the South and West halls and inexplicably form orderly queues despite the rampant disorganization that soon follows the opening bell. This is how E3 […]

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Rumor: Has Prey 2 Been Canceled?

Rumors have been spreading across the internet this weekend that Prey 2, the ambitious and awesome-looking sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s launch games, Prey, has been cancelled. PSFocus, a Dutch gaming and news site, released the rumor-filled story, claiming it’s truth and that sources close to the project revealed its cancellation, and plan to […]

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Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Release Window Narrowed Down To This Fall

The frighteningly ambiguous previous release date for the newest, and much anticipated (by me anyway), Sly Cooper game has been announced! Okay, not really, it’s just confirmed that it’s actually coming out later “this fall.” But, hey, I’ll take that! Being developed not by its previous heralds, Sucker Punch, but by Sanzaru Games – the guys that […]

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Nintendo Prepped For Announcement

Wednesday February 22 at 6AM PST/ 9AM EST Nintendo is set to make some sort of announcement. Tuesday evening, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie sent out a note via Nintendo’s asynchronous messaging system SwapNote. In it he expressed his expressed his excitement about “sharing some news on Feb 22”. The note went on to say when […]

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