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Criterion Releases Series Of Surreal Videos Featuring Hasselhoff

Criterion has released their final video in their series of promotional videos for Burnout: CRASH! featuring David Hasselhoff as “The Master of Disaster.”  I’d say it was a shock to see Hasselhoff featured in a set of goofy video game promo videos, but to be honest nothing really surprises me these day’s when it comes to […]

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Capcom Releases New Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Trailers

Capcom just released some new trailers to promote Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which will be a downloadable upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV available to purchase on June 7th as a $15 upgrade. Alternatively, it will be available to purchase without having owned another Street Fighter title for $40. Besides for some major […]

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Capcom Updates Rosters For “Resident Evil”, “Street Fighter”, And More

Capcom has increased the rosters on their games today, with a few character reveals. Today, they revealed a way to unlock a special Character Figure for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, announced a pair of characters for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, and revealed some Shadow Battles for Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Only the […]

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