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About That Fake Grand Theft Auto V Review

Maybe you have seen it by now and maybe you haven’t, but there was, over the weekend, a fake Polygon review of Grand Theft Auto V. It was a very shoddy fake—only a screenshot and with poorly kerned pull quotes and misaligned margins—but it still got a lot of people angry. Yes, surprise! People were […]

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A Look At The Upcoming Ace Attorney Live Action Film

New content of the Japanese live action film of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series has now been revealed. The first official production screenshot is now available to see, and trailer footage can be seen in a Japanese TV variety show. Directed by the controversial Takashi Miike, Gyakuten Saiban (Japanese title of Ace Attorney) will follow the […]

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Japanese Version Of Dark Souls Met With Problems Online

Dark Souls is now available in Japan but for some players including those who obtained an early copy might be dealing with unusual countermeasures in-game and more common issues for playing with online enabled. Relayed by Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek, Japanese blog Esuteru captured an image showing the stats of what is believed to be […]

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