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Some Other Podcast, Episode 40: Midget Zombie Clowns

We hope everyone has had/is having a perfectly wonderful holiday season!  We know we are; after all, thanks to this week’s special guests, Dan and Joe, we finally get to gorge ourselves upon the long-awaited Fudgie the Whale!  What better way to celebrate the coming of the new year than with chocolate crunchies and talk about (what […]

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Digital Cowboys: Episode 128

This week we welcome to the show; James Portnow – CCO of Divide By Zero games and accredited game designer. We’re talking about the words ‘Game’ and ‘Gamer’ after an article on Gamasutra by Tynan Syslvester prompted us to ascertain if new words and descriptions could be used for them in the face of an […]

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Some Other Castle, Episode 32: IRPS

Welcome to our internet radio podcast show! We’ve been waiting for you. Have a cookie! Oh, and you should probably be prepared for some video game chat; this week it’s discussion on upsizing handheld systems, Netflix on the PS3, and the wrath of PC shooter aficionados.
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Batman: […]

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Some Other Podcast, Episode 31: Word To Your Moms

It’s back to that time of year where things are actually interesting in the news and in releases, so we have an extra-long episode for you this week.  Tune in for everything from Microsoft bowing down at the altar of Sony to skirt physics in the new Wii Mario game to the untimely passing of […]

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