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Snag Some Great PlayStation Titles From 11/22 ‘Til 11/29

Looking to save some money and get some decent games before Christmas hits? PSN is having a rather large sale on some pretty recent games. If you’re a standard PSN user, the games are going for about 30% off, and if you have the fancy PlayStation Plus, then you’ll snag the same titles for about […]

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Surprise Xbox Live Sale Starts Extreme

Microsoft has Xbox Live sales down. Every week, a few new games come out, a few specials kick off, DLC is uploaded, and costumes for Avatars are released. An “extreme sale” has kicked off today, and looks to be running all week. 16 games are at least 33% off, alongside DLC, themes, and Avatar gear. […]

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FyFYI Episode 107: Tweet your Congressman

This week there is discussion about the changing of the guard and the Twitter campaign to save America, Pete’s surefire way to get laid next decade, James could give a shit about Catherine and whiny japanese men, EVO (SSFIV ONLY!!!), Pete loves Section 8: Prejudice and buys Batman (again) to try to Jamesify his life. […]

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