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Fruit Ninja Kinect: First Impressions

    The Summer of Arcade has been pretty good this year, especially for its leadoff and cleanup games. Bastion was very well received for the unique storytelling and environment; Fruit Ninja Kinect is the first ever XBLA Kinect game. After weeks of watching the Food channel and previews for FNK, I decided to give […]

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Move & Kinect. 7 Things They Are Not Telling Us?

The keynote speeches at E3 gave the general gaming community a good long look at the new generation of game controllers that we will have the option to buy for the holiday season this year, but what we witnessed was how they operated in a controlled environment. I had questions that popped into my head while watching the keynotes and as each week passes, more questions arise while the lack of answers from Microsoft and Sony are starting to concern a few potential buyers.

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