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E3 2012 – Predictions And Possibilities For Console Gaming

With E3 2012 less than three months away, you might be wondering what new games will be receiving their first showing. The following guide considers rumors and information given by developers to determine what we might see at E3 2012. Unfortunately, I’m not covering handheld or mobile games – I’m letting the home consoles duke it […]

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Super Monkey Ball 3D Review (3DS)

Game Review: Super Monkey Ball 3D Release: March 27th 2011 Genre: Puzzle-Platformer Developer: SEGA Available Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Players: 1-4 MSRP: $39.95 ESRB Rating: Everyone Website: Super Monkey Ball 3D Official Site Super Monkey Ball’s newest iteration on the Nintendo 3DS is by no means a shock. Since the birth of the franchise on the […]

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Nintendo Hits 30 Million Wiis Sold In US

Nintendo has announced that over 30 million Wiis have been sold in the United States alone, beating out all current-generation consoles by a healthy margin. The Xbox 360 is currently in second with about 24 million consoles sold in the US, and the PS3 is in last with 14.4 million, according to However, could […]

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