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Team Ninja Releases Brand New DOA 5 Footage Featuring Bayman And Christie

The Dead or Alive series has always held a special place in my gaming heart and DOA 5 looks like it will only increase the adrenaline fueled butt-kicking that the series is known for. Team Ninja recently released a brand new video featuring a heated battle between Bayman and Christie. Today Team NINJA announces two […]

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Tekken 6 Surpasses 3.5 Million Copies Sold

Love it or hate it, Tekken 6 marked the first time in franchise history that the game went to great lengths to appeal to the more casual market. And that’s really paid off for Namco Bandai, as series Director/Producer Katsuhiro Harada just made a great announcement on his twitter feed. We sold TK6 over 3.5million […]

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XBLRadio Video Review – “Soul Caliber” (XBLA)

And the Video Reviews just keep a rolling along.
Please join KemansWar and KingL3pr3chaun for this review of
“Soul Caliber”
This audio was taking was XBLRadio 70.0.

please leave comments and/or send feedback to [email protected]

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XBL Radio version 70.0 (The new segment and a new host)

Ah another week, another podcast. On this weeks edition of XBL Radio join X3R0 9 and Kemanswar in welcoming our new co-host KingL3pr3chaun. We also have a new segment for everyone to enjoy.
Topics include:
–Fable 2 pub games on Arcade
–Lucas Arts layoffs continue
–Stream Netflix to your 360
–Soul Caliber (arcade)
–Ticket to Ride
–Don’t mess with the Zohan (movie)
–Wanted […]

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