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All Skylanders Finally Released

All of the core 32 figures in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure have been released with this week’s announcement of Camo, Wham Shell, and Warnado. With the final three figures being released now, we only have until this fall to get caught up with our collections before Skylanders: Giants unleashes a whole new wave of plastic monsters on us. Over a month […]

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Trine 2 Review (XBLA)

Game Review: Trine 2 Release: PC Dec 7th, PSN Dec 20, XBLA Dec 21 Genre: Platform/Puzzle Developer: Frozenbyte/Atlus Available Platforms: PC/PSN/XBLA Players: 1-3 MSRP:  $15 ESRB Rating: E10+ Website: Trine 2 is the sequel to the popular PC/PSN game Trine from a couple of years ago. For those who really enjoyed playing Trine, this […]

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