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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review (Xbox 360)

Game Review: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Release: June 7, 2011 (DLC) June 28, 2011 (Disc) Genre: Fighting Developer: Capcom Available Platforms: Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 Players: 1-2 MSRP: 1200 MS Points / $39.99 Disc ESRB Rating: T Website: The Street Fighters have amassed once again to continue their tournament. With […]

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Women in Video Games

It’s always been very easy to look at video games and find the obvious female stereotypes strewn across our thirty year history. Since we’ve been able to identify adventure characters by gender, they’ve been largely male. Pitfall Harry, Jet Set Willy, Mario, Link. In fact the big revelation at the end of Metroid (Samus was […]

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