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Mass Effect 3 Campaign Details Leaked – No Story Spoilers Inside

A Mass Effect beta was available to those who were in the trial for Microsoft’s new dashboard update. Those who downloaded and played the beta have reported that when a player starts a new game, they are given three options: Action mode – The game will revolve around the combat sections and will reduce the number of story […]

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PopCap Unleashes Bejeweled Twist

I went to the PopCap Bejeweled Twist event today and I just want to give you guys some heads up about the new game that PopCap unveiled to the world today. Also you can expect some more coverage of this very soon over the next day or so. I’ll show you guys more pictures as […]

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Where is my 2.40 update???

Lol. Woke up this morning, and decide to finally update my PS3 to that much anticipated 2.40 update. Umm, turn on my PS3, log in, waiting…waiting …waiting…….. it never prompts me to update.. Umm, I did hear that people were having issues with the new update, which mostly consisted of freezes after the install, and […]

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