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Hawkes Editorial: Trio of “Terror”

From Gamespot’s review of Fallout 3:
It’s a shame, in light of these impressive design elements, that the PlayStation 3 version is shockingly inferior to the others from a technical perspective. Although the Xbox 360 and PC versions display the occasional visual oddity and bland texture, these nitpicks are easy to overlook. Sadly, the jagged edges, […]

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Humpdate Takes ANOTHER Holiday

That’s the trouble with taking personal days. It’s kind of addictive.
Actually, here’s the deal. Planning and pulling off a Humpdate with a new co-host every week takes a lot of advance planning and a lot of extra support work — since there’s no Simon DI to sluff off the research to.
Last week, we had Fable […]

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Married Gamers Hands-On: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Campaign

by Chris "Lefty" Brown
This week, the Married Gamers will be bringing exclusive coverage of the forthcoming EA/Pandemic video game, Lord of the Rings: Conquest.  Today we dive into the campaign experience.  Be sure to join the Married Gamers the rest of the week for exclusive looks into the multi-player, audio from a developer panel, and […]

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