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Systemic Joy In Gunpoint

Rules are a funny thing. For all our dependencies on rules, they are often shirked for the better. Laws are overlooked when they impede progress, regulations are broken when they’re frivolous, and cheating can be pretty fun. Fire trucks run red lights when there are some flames that need quelling, permits for yard sales are […]

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Used Game Retailers, the Legal Pirates

It never seems to fail. Every year, one or two major games get leaked early via pirates and the industry sounds off alarm bells and talks up the staggering loses that piracy is causing. The situation certainly doesn’t get helped by stories of idiotic employees stealing hundreds of copies of un-released games and being caught […]

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Married Gamers Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (Xbox 360)

by Chris "Lefty" Brown

Just when you thought it was safe to climb out of your foxhole comes yet another World War II video game. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway continues Gearbox’s Brothers in Arms series after a long delay. The storyline from the other two Brothers in Arms games advances with Staff Sergeant Matt […]

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