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Game Protagonists: Silent, Garish, Morally Ambiguous, And Sometimes Golden

What makes a compelling game protagonist?  What doesn’t seem to work? I want to make one thing clear.  In my opinion, video game protagonists cannot really be compared with protagonists from literature or film (hence the “game” above) for two main reasons: 1.  As the player of this character, you have a different relationship with […]

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Are We At Risk Of Death By Gaming?

With the headlines hitting the news this week of 20-year-old Chris Staniforth, who died three months ago after developing a pulmonary embolism, concern is now being raised about the danger of spending too long sitting in one spot while gaming. Chris’s father, David Staniforth, believes that his son’s extended gaming sessions are to blame for […]

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Kiko: The Last Totem Review (iPod/iPhone)

Game Review: Kiko: the Last Totem Release: 28/10/2010 Genre: Puzzle Developer: Fabulapps Available Platforms: iPod/iPhone Players: 1 MSRP: £0.59 /$0.99 ESRB Rating: 4+ Website: Kiko: The Last Totem is the newest game from the people that brought us Crossroads HD for the iPad. Kiko is a guardian for a Totem that protects his island. […]

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