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Online Features Detailed For Console Version Of The King Of Fighters XIII

The King of Fighters XIII is coming out real soon, and SNK Playmore details its most important feature in the console version, which is the online mode and capabilities. MMCafe released a translation of what SNK Playmore posted on their official blog detailing what you can look forward to playing online. The main modes for […]

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A Set Of Characters Getting Changes In The King Of Fighters XIII Console Release

The third edition of the official character changes in console version of The King Of Fighters XIII have been released and include major modifications to the arcade version’s most powerful character. Orochinagi member SonicTempest provided a translation of an official video released by SNK Playmore, including some other unmentioned notes. The combo scaling has now […]

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Final Fantasy V Coming To PSN

We’ve seen Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX come to the PSN in the past couple of years and now, in the near future, we will be seeing Final Fantasy V come to the PSN as well. Here’s the thing though, so far we haven’t heard anything about it coming to the North American PSN, […]

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