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Some Other Handheld: Atari Lynx, 20 Years On

Lost in the flap over the 20th anniversaries of the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 2009 was the 20th anniversary (last month, in fact) of the Atari Lynx, the second-to-last console to carry the ill-fated Atari brand. The Lynx was, and remains, one of the finest examples of a machine that was both truly excellent and far too fatally flawed to succeed.

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Hudson Announces Penny Arcade Expo Lineup

HUDSON ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES ITS LINEUP FOR PENNY ARCADE EXPO (PAX) 2008 Alien Crush Returns and Bomberman Blast WiiWare to Make First Public Appearances At Show in Booth 261 REDWOOD CITY, CA – August 27, 2008 – Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today announced their lineup for the Penny Arcade Expo […]

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