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PAX Prime 2011: Quantum Conundrum

Airtight Games has been creating a pretty cool little title, called Quantum Conundrum. In QC you’ll be playing in a massive mansion that actually serves as your uncle’s lab. Your uncle is a quirky mad scientist named Professor Quadwrangle who’s now trapped in another dimension. It’s your job to rescue him using his IDS (inter-dimensional […]

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Kinect For A Healthier Life – An Experiment In Weight Loss

Good evening my readers and welcome to my new headline article, Kinect For A Healthier Life – An Experiment In Weight Loss. I am putting “Unsung Heroes” to rest for now as my ideas were getting a bit stale. I have decided to write a new headline though and it couldn’t have come with better […]

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MensaDad’s Preschool Gametime: June 2010

WELCOME to MensaDad’s Preschool Gametime. Parents, aunts, uncles, big brothers and sisters, and anyone else who finds themselves gaming around children – keep reading.  This is the first of what I hope to be many articles about gaming with children.  Little children.  Three to Six years old.  You know, the age when they want to […]

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Personal:Wolfenstein 3D

Once upon a time, an 8 year old sat at a computer at his uncle’s house. It was a 500mb 386, 25 MHz PC; 16mb ram running Win 3.1 & DOS. The first time I ever sat inches away from a 16” computer monitor – and it was so bad ass! My uncles a musician […]

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