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Building Back

It never ends. Pop culture is interminable because we simply never stop either. Society consumes and consumes, and as things like shows and music and books permeate back and forth between countries—and then reciprocating and building upon each other—a perpetual energy emerges. And it never ends. Think about how old the first written story must […]

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The Industry That Ate Itself

“Are you ever frustrated with a hobby because of its community?” That’s the question a friend posed to me in a text yesterday afternoon. I responded in the only way I knew how, and that was with the truth. The inquiry had to be rephrased, though. Have I ever been frustrated with a profession because […]

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Watch Along: EA at E3 2014

Guaranteed: you will be seeing stuff about Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, and The Sims. Sound familiar? You might recall that’s basically what we saw last year from EA, too. In fact, even one of the most highly anticipated games to come around in years is also old news (read: Mirror’s Edge 2). Word on the street, […]

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Small Leaps And Minor Bounds

Video games are notorious for attempting to fulfill power fantasies, reputable to the point of widespread (and rightful) criticism. You have to save the world, you have to win the Super Bowl, you have to rescue the princess. It’s all about empowering you in some fashion that you can’t achieve in your real life. There […]

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