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The Last Present Under The Tree

In that cliché sort of way, it’s a First World problem. Presented with some sort of wrapped gift, whether Christmas morning, the last day of Hanukkah, or your birthday, you are hopeful. It doesn’t matter the size or shape or what you just received from another covered parcel, you are filled with some blind optimism. […]

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The Couched Impetus

Did you know there’s a difference between couches and sofas? Despite what you may have heard or surmised after years of experience regarding the two, it’s not just about size nor at all about the price; it’s about the design. Couches were originally designed for Victorian-era women to flop down on after falling ill to […]

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A Sense Of Place

For being totally and utterly at the mercy of the whims of any number of artists and creative types, video games sure can be boring. Or rather, they sure can look boring. Though nothing explicitly ties our little interactive industry to realism, we still adhere to it, and for good reason: it helps keep an […]

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