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GameHounds Episode 40: We’ve Fallen For Fallout

It’s pretty clear when all the most anticipated games start to drop.
Let’s just say that the consumption of adult diapers goes way up at the GameHounds Towers.
This week, GamerEdie Sellers has been eye-deep in Fallout 3, and she offers her opinion to listeners and co-host Cooper Hawkes.
She and Hawkes also discuss the latest in this […]

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Vigilante 8 Arcade hits XBLA this week!

Vigilante 8 Arcade is a vehicular combat video game and is being developed by a new company called Isopod Labs, which is comprised of several key former members of Luxoflux, developer of the original Vigilante 8 titles. A complete remake of the original game with some elements of the sequel also included, Vigilante 8 Arcade […]

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