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Go Vacation Lands On Wii

NAMCO BANDAI announces Go Vacation is now available in stores across North America exclusively for the Wii.  Set on the resort of Kawawii Island, Go Vacation brings over 50 fun activities for players to uncover in the game’s four unique resort locations.  Up to four players can compete simultaneously in a huge variety of activities.  Have […]

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GoldenEye Review 007 Review (Wii)

Title: GoldenEye 007 Release: November 2, 2010 Genre: FPS Developer: Eurocom Available Platforms: Wii Players: 1-8 MSRP: $49.99 ESRB Rating: T Website: The new GoldenEye for Wii is a kinda sorta not really remake of the classic N64 game. Nearly everyone who’s played the game for the N64 remembers it fondly. Any developer making […]

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Nyko Perfect Shot Video Review

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What I, Mr B4, will be reviewing for you today is the Nyko Perfect Shot for the Wii. The MSRP on this item is $14.99, and can be purchased at, or at any other major video game retailer.
+ Makes aiming in shooting games much easier
+ Comfortable grip makes gun easy to […]

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