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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Review

Game Review: Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Release: August 17th (America) August 20th (Europe) Genre: Third person shooter Developer: IO Interactive Available Platforms: PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Players: 1-2 offline, 1-10 online MSRP: $59.99, £39.99 ESRB Rating: M Website: IO Interactive need to get back into the game. After the embarrassment that was Dead Men, […]

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Epic Fail

A couple times a month I hear the faint screams of my favorite gaming magazines being folded and mutilated so as not to escape my tattered and beaten rural mail box.  I gently retrieve it and remove the outer wrap, shake loose the misc subscription cards, and turn to my favorite section; Game Reviews.  You might think […]

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Humpdate 07-23-08

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we’d have to bleep so much of our “clean” podcast…
Simon DI is out of town, sunning himself down in Mexico way, so Cooper Hawkes steps in this week to discuss the post-E3 gaming news. It was all going so well until Edie mentions Wii Music, and […]

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