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Mo Monetization Mo Problems

I honestly have no problem with paying for video games. I pretty much grew up in arcades, as a matter of fact. When you move between five schools across two countries in four years, you don’t have a lot of time to make friends. I could always, however, count on two things: 1) my older […]

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World of Workout: Week Three and Reactions

Three weeks, and about 8 pounds down!  This past week was a rough one, and not just because I was on vacation and prone to extreme laziness.  There were some distractions that kept me from working out as much as previous weeks, but I did manage to get at least an hour in every day, […]

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World of Workout?

Like 37% of Americans, I’m a slight bit overweight.  Over the ten or so years that I’ve done IT work, I seem to have contracted “Cubicle Gut.”  I’ve done the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, I’ve tried DDR, Wii Sports, walking while listening to gaming podcasts, and to tell the truth, I always seem to […]

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