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Xbox 360 Version Of L.A. Noire Needs Three Discs

From the mouth of Rockstar’s own Jeronimo Barrera, the studio’s newest open-world epic has been announced to span three discs on the Xbox version of the game. This is compared to the PlayStation’s blu-ray disc capabilities, which manages to shove the entire game on one traditional disc. Barrera spoke to Kotaku about the news: L.A. […]

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Torchlight 2 Delayed By Torchlight

Although console gamers may be excited to [finally] get their hands on Torchlight, the XBLA release is causing a minor upset among the PC crowd; thanks to the extra time spent developing a 360 version of the original, Torchlight 2 is getting delayed. Originally scheduled for a Spring release, Runic’s Max Schaefer recently revealed that […]

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